EfTEN Capital is the largest real estate management company specializing in commercial real estate investment in the Baltic States. Since 2017, EfTEN Capital has positioned itself in Latvia as a housing fund developer. Currently, real estate is for sale in two EfTEN  Capital projects - MĀRSILI and BIŠUMUIŽA. In the near future, three more projects will be available in the housing fund – VIDZEMES VIRSOTNES, ERNESTINE and the project in Mārupe.

In April 2013, LLC NEWCOM and EfTEN Capital JSC (Estonia) established a joint venture LLC EfTEN Capital, thus marking the company’s entry of into the Latvian market. The group of companies EfTEN Capital Group, together with its subsidiaries manages 45 commercial real estate buildings with more than 900 tenants in the Baltic States. The total value of the managed property exceeds EUR 500 million. Established on 2008, EfTEN Capital holds an alternative investment fund manager (AIF) license issued by Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

We will develop different kinds of projects so that each client could choose the best housing from our offer – from a choice to live in a quiet part of the city, in an apartment or in a house, or in a prestigious area filled with the charming city buzz. Each project has its own unique aura, location and attitude. They are developed in accordance with the environment and the general story of the city. We believe in strong values and that is demonstrated in the company's growth and its ability to become the best and largest real estate fund in its field in the Baltic States.

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