24, Komētas street, Riga
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Normunds Muskats
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Tatjana Jefimova
Real Estate Agent

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BIŠUMUIŽA - is a place that makes you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, while being just a stone's throw away from it

Bišumuiža is a wonderful place, it is located just a few minutes’ drive from the heart of Riga – the Old Riga. It is the perfect place to live for families with children, as well as busy working people. You will feel more comfortable than in a multi-storey apartment house, but living here will cost you less than in a private house. Despite the nearby highways, living here will bring quiet and peace into your life. There are several playgrounds, a leisure and recreation area in the territory. A modern infrastructure is available within the surroundings of Bišumuiža including educational institutions, office centers, stores, public transport network.



There is a number of private kindergartens (PII is a Preschool Educational Institution) near the project, and the public kindergartens are just 10 minutes’ drive away. If you prefer walking, it takes 10 to 40 minutes to get to the kindergarten. You can also take public transport.

  • PII Vadakstīte;
  • PII Saulīte;
  • PII Kastanītis.


There are few schools near Bišumuiža, and some are just within a waking distance.  

  • Riga Secondary School No. 47
  • Riga Pārdaugava Elementary School


There are bus stops, tram stops and minibus stops in the surrounding of the project. It takes just 10 minutes to get to the downtown by personal car or minibus. The downtown is about 20-35 minutes’ drive away by public transport, though.  The pedestrian walkway on Mūkusalas Street is not pedestrian-friendly at the moment. However, cyclists prefer this route and you can easily cycle from the Mūkusalas roundabout to the downtown using the tunnel under the Salu bridge, and then along the Krasta Street promenade to the downtown. 

  • Bus no. 23;
  • Tram no. 10;
  • Minibus no. 5432 (Riga - Baloži).


Mini Rimi is just within a short walking distance, and Maxima XX on Mūkusalas Street is a little farther away, still within a walking distance, and since you are here, you can also visit the nearby shopping and entertainment mall Riga Plaza. 

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