Gaujas street, Mārupe
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MĀRUPE is a place to find silence and embrace the beauty of nature

The new project in the very heart of Mārupe, in Gaujas Street, is particularly attractive for families, since they will truly appreciate the harmonious atmosphere of modern suburban architecture, green courtyards and the surrounding nature. Life in Mārupe is an excellent opportunity to escape from the the hustle and bustle of the city. It takes only 10 minutes by a car or 20 minutes by public transport from Riga downtown to get to the calm streets of Mārupe and the low-rise block of buildings surrounded by private houses. Attractive architecture and modern layout of the premises add value to this block of buildings - there are both apartments and terraced houses with landscaped courtyards and over-ground parking lots, providing housing to at least 180 families. The project also includes the construction of a childcare center, a restaurant and everyday service facilities that will make the living environment more comfortable. The infrastructure of the neighborhood is a major advantage - two supermarkets, the Mārupe county council and the Culture House are located just 300 m away from Mārupe, and there are also 2 schools and several kindergartens within 2 km distance. Mārupe County is one of those suburban areas of Riga which is experiencing intense and rapid construction of residential and business facilities, while maintaining agriculture and large rural landscapes. Children, youth and education is the main priority of the local government, as the number of residents, particularly young families, has increased sharply due to the intense expansion of residential areas in the region.



There are several kindergartens (PII is a Preschool Educational Institution) founded by Mārupe council that are located just a few minutes away from the new project by walking, driving or public transport.

  • PII Lienīte;
  • PII Zeltrīti;
  • PII Mārzemīte;


It takes under 10 minutes to take your kid to school by car or about 20 minutes by public transport. Mārupe council provides a school bus to ensure that kids get safely and conveniently to school. 

  • Mārupe Elementary School; 
  • Mārupe Secondary School; 
  • Mārupe Music and Art School;


The nearby bus stop is located on Svētes Street, about 6 minutes walking distance from the project where you can catch a bus No. 10 and No. 25. Riga downtown is in about 20 minutes’ drive by car. It takes a little longer by public transport – about 40 minutes. You can catch a minibus to and from the city.


There are several grocery stores within a short waking distance from the project.

  • Supermarket RIMI  
  • Maxima XX
  • Mārupe grocery shop 
  • Mārupe Butcher shop